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Top Uses For Rose Hip Oil

Rose Hip Oil is used for a range of different benefits. Here are some of the top uses for rose hip oil:Majestic Pure recently sent me their Rose Hip Oil for review but it did not arrive so this will serve as a … Continue Reading

Nioxin Bodifying Mousse

Nioxin Bodifying Foam

I have never been a huge fan of most volumizing or thickening products. I find that the majority of them leave your hair dried out or feeling sticky. Since big, sexy hair is one of the most sought after hair types, … Continue Reading


Get Rid Of Pain Naturally

After being involved in seven car accidents that left me with daily chronic pain, I have become extremely passionate about finding ways to get rid of pain naturally. Fortunately, after trying practically every pain … Continue Reading


Stock Your Kitchen

Whether you're willing to admit it or not, having the right utensils gives you one less excuse to order in or pick up take out food. When you have the the tools in your kitchen that make cooking a home cooked meal … Continue Reading


Manicure Must-haves

Keeping your nails and hands in great shape is all about knowing how to give yourself the ultimate at-home manicure. Great nails take a lot of upkeep and whether you are getting a regular manicure at a salon twice a … Continue Reading


Gym Essentials

I'm the type of person who has a much better time going out when I am prepared. Most people can't believe how much stuff I keep in my purse, but they sure don't complain when they need an aspirin or a tissue. Going … Continue Reading

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks Defense Cream

Whether you are overweight, have an average build, or are very lean you may struggle with pesky stretch marks. Stretch marks are something that primarily plague pregnant women and moms due to the excessive … Continue Reading

Gluten Free Nail Art

Gluten Free Nail Polish

In the past, nail polishes were often made with loads of chemicals. Now, brands are getting a little more eco-friendly and safe and some have taken it to a whole other level. Play Love Laugh makes Natural Peel Off … Continue Reading

Dewy Skin

Dewy Skin With Ageless Derma

Soft, dewy skin makes the perfect base for applying makeup and can truly be worn by itself for a gorgeous, natural look. The key to getting dewy skin isn't by applying loads of highlighter or adding shine by using … Continue Reading


Top 10 Uses of Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils to treat a wide range of issues. Besides lavender oil, it is also one of my favorite essential oils and one of the types I use regularly. The reason I … Continue Reading

Celebrities Without Makeup

Rihanna without makeup

Rihanna Without Makeup

Rihanna’s eyes still stand out without makeup on, but when she puts makeup on her eyes are even more striking. Her skin has a naturally great texture and tone so she can get away with skipping makeup, but her skin … Continue Reading

Lady Gaga with no makeup before and after

Lady Gaga Without Makeup

Lady Gaga has a natural appeal that almost makes her more desirable with minimal makeup or without makeup rather than with the extreme makeup looks she normally rocks. She has gorgeous skin and full lips that look … Continue Reading

Jessica Simpson without makeup by Orlando makeup artist and LA makeup artist

Jessica Simpson Without Makeup

Jessica Simpson looks youthful and fresh-faced without makeup, but she looks positively beautiful with just a touch of makeup. She can easily pull off the bare-faced look with confidence , but her complexion is just … Continue Reading

Marilyn Manson without makeup by Orlando Makeup Artist

Marilyn Manson Without Makeup

Marilyn Manson looks extremely different without makeup. He actually looks like a normal everyday guy when he is not wearing colored contact lenses and extreme makeup. He could easily bring out a little rockstar … Continue Reading

Taylor Swift without makeup by LA makeup artist and Orlando makeup artist

Taylor Swift Without Makeup

Taylor Swift is hardly recognizable without makeup. Her eyes are one of her best features and without makeup they don’t stand out as much. She is still a beautiful girl but her fair skin looks a tad bit washed out. … Continue Reading

Alice Eve without makeup before and after

Alice Eve without makeup

Alice Eve is a natural beauty. She positively glows with or without makeup. She has gorgeous skin and piercing eyes that are only enhanced even more with makeup. Even though she can get away with the “without … Continue Reading

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