Exfoliating Tips with Exscrub Me by Beautisol


Ifabbo recently sent me a tube of Beautisol's Exscrub Me exfoliator to test out and I was thrilled with the results. It has a wonderful citrusy scent and really sloughs away any dry skin. I've been incredibly busy lately and used it all over initially without realizing … [Read more...]

Shannon’s Soaps Review

Shannon's Soaps

I have a serious soft spot for natural, handmade soaps so I was thrilled when the wonderful people at Shannon's Soaps sent me a bar of their handmade cherry blossom soap to try out. From the moment I pulled the package out of the mailbox, … [Read more...]

La Curcio Review

La Curcio

I was lucky enough to snag a couple of products by La Curcio, a premium skincare line, and I was absolutely thrilled with the results. Their products are super luxurious and made with premium ingredients. Here are my thoughts on their Luminous Ambra Perfetto Polish and Luminous Macro Repair Eye Cream: … [Read more...]

Oubly Stationary

Oubly Stationary

Recently, I needed to get some invites printed up for some in-home pampering parties so I decided to give Oubly a try. I always dread having to do any sort of graphic design, but their website is loaded with gorgeous pre-made layouts for every occasion. … [Read more...]

Free Beauty Events Moisturizer Giveaway

free beauty events

Ooh La la! Free Beauty Events has definitely outdone themselves this time. They will be giving away a super-hydrating prize pack to 5 very lucky winners that will include a Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer SPF, Pond's Luminous Finish BB+ Cream Light, and Olay Fresh Effects Long Live Moisture! Satin Finish Lotion just in time for summer.  … [Read more...]

Oxygen Facial Spray

Oxygen Facial Spray

When I was little, I remember how excited I used to get when my mommy would purchase a bottle of aerosol Evian  in  a can. She would chill it in the fridge and I would take it out and spritz it on my face after a hot, humid day in this Florida sun. As if the cool mist didn't feel good enough, I couldn't help but feel so fancy and glamorous carrying around that pink bottle of … [Read more...]

Broadway Impress Manicure

broadway impress manicure

Acrylic and gel nails are always my go-to when I want longer nails quickly, but sometimes I don't have time to go through the hassle of applying those so I'm always keeping my eye out for press-on nails that look great, don't look overly fake, and don't pop off during the day. Recently, Influenster included Broadway Nails Impress Manicure press-ons in their Uni VoxBox so I put … [Read more...]

Bootie Babe


I was so excited to recieve this nail mail that I'm pretty sure if I yelled "Bootie Babe!" one more time my boyfriend was going to lose his mind. As a bootylicious girl, myself, I fell in love with this brand as soon as I saw it. Bootie Babe polishes feature booty-shaped bottles and booty-inspired names that are just too cute. … [Read more...]

H2O+ Review


H2O+ has a wide range of skincare products that treat many conditions from acne to aging skin. Their products are packed with nourishing ingredients that help restore your skin. I recently tried a couple of items that were sent to me and I was really impressed. Both of these products can be found on h2oplus.com. Here's my verdict: … [Read more...]

Perlier Royal Elixer


When I found out iFabbo was sending me a bottle of this baby I was super stoked. I love trying out skincare products that contain luxurious and natural ingredients so you can imagine how thrilled I was to lather on a moisturizer that is packed with royal jelly. … [Read more...]